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Consulting and support in delivering large and complex construction projects

With a long tradition in the construction industry, GSI is specialised in offering a large collection of services to facilitate distinct completion of construction developments. With construction specialists in-house, we guarantee exemplary cost-effective services in a timely manner.

Design Services

Design is one of the most crucial phases of project completion in the construction industry. Bearing this in mind, GSI is dedicated to provide designs that are not only charming to see, but also adhere to all sustainability and functionality requirements.

International Procurement

With procurement professionals in our team, GSI offers comprehensive international procurement services. Dedicated to superior outcomes, we make sure to strategically record and present market capability development, risk analysis and cost-effective bidding strategies.

Accounting Services

Considering the complexity and fluidity of the construction industry and the extended longevity of projects in this sector, GSI is devoted to providing accounting services and consultancy to ensure profit maximisation while prioritising quality. We can take of all your accounting needs so you can focus on business development.

Set Up and Administration

With a cast of both financial and legal professionals, GSI takes care of new business set up and administration. Having extensive experience in the field, it enables us to facilitate easy business set up complying to all local laws including registration and licenses obtainment, and providing ongoing professional business administration and support.

Project Management

Project management is one of the most crucial operations within a construction company. That is why GSI has an entire PMO team in-house to offer qualified project management services including cost management, risk management, procurement management and schedule benchmarking.

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