Business Sectors

Business and corporate translation services

We provide bespoke business translation solutions, tailored to each client, be they a multinational corporation or a private enterprise with international clientèle, covering everything from document translation and audio transcription to precision localisation based on local dialects.

Legal Sector

Translation refers to the translation of the written word, and the scale, depth and range of documentation required is immense. Not surprisingly, choosing a translator who has specific experience of your sector will not only ensure accuracy and precision but will also speed up the process. They will be familiar with terminology and styles of writing and will also have a wider knowledge of country specific legal systems and areas of expertise.

Financial Sector

Finance is an international industry; money makes the world go round after all. It is therefore essential for financial institutions to make inroads into the global market, communicating effectively across borders and reaching audiences in their native languages. This is where GSI step in as we have a network of specialist financial translators with a comprehensive knowledge of the different sectors within the industry. This enables us to work on a huge variety of projects and deliver outstanding financial translations without fail. Our team of financial translators is made up of sector specialists—each member is a professional linguist with extensive experience in finance. As a result, all our translators have a deep understanding of the relevant financial terminology and know how to accurately translate financial documents.

Medical Sector

Translation is required at many stages while bringing a drug to market, including clinical research, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, marketing and packaging. While the direct cost of translation is very small, translation can have a surprisingly large effect—for better and for worse—on several crucial factors. These factors include the total cost of the trials, the time to market, the possibility of lawsuits or rejection by regulators and even the safety and efficacy of the marketed product.

Gaming Sector

With the emergence of regulated online gaming in many countries throughout Europe and the world, language translation and localisation practices have become increasingly important. GSI offers professional gaming translation services for all game developing companies that would like to market their products in countries which do not speak their language. Our gaming translation services are provided by our global pool of highly qualified gaming translation services providers. Our gaming translation team consists of professional translators who understand the world of gaming in depth and are familiar with the technical terms and nuances used in the gaming industry throughout the world.

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