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Digitalising your business for optimal performance

The COVID-19 outbreak has opened our eyes to the fact that the more digitalised a company is, the higher its performance in today’s world. Our cyber department offers a wide variety of IT services, helping them get one step closer to their optimal performance.

Fast connections to well-organised network data are crucial to operational efficiency. It is even more critical to protect it. Ransomware and other attacks can stop a business in its tracks and these attacks are increasing. Any unwelcomed penetration immediately exposes businesses to GDPR and other data breaches with significant penalties. We specialise in GDPR and ensuring compliance.

Here at GSI, we strive to provide the best IT and Cyber Security solutions with all the functionality surrounding your idea coming to life with amazing stunning technologies that are at the edge of innovation. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and maintenance services for our projects.

Cyber Security

Migrating risk requires robust cyber security solutions such as penetration testing and employing multiple scripts to deal with the latest technology. We offer network testing with automated surveillance, locking security and providing peace of mind.

Data Protection

It is well known that large corporations like British Airways have been the target of hacking and ransomware. The impact of data theft is twofold, with direct loss arising from the theft of financial data and punitive penalties from Data Protection Regulators. Most large businesses have locked down their security, so hackers have turned their attention to medium and small enterprises.


As companies adapt to working from home or remote working, it is important to review the IT infrastructure to ensure speed in the system whilst maintaining security. Our reviews are detailed and consider all aspects of infrastructure, including file sharing, access rights, active point directory and remote access.


We provide a full-service website package that can include design, development, data feeds, database and security together with ongoing security monitoring. With the use of AI software, we have been able to develop automated security monitoring leaving developers free to build and update websites, whilst minimising costs.

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