Want to control and reduce operational costs?

Then try outsourcing

GSI provides both managed outsourcing and staffing services. Our staffing options offer clients a rich resource of young, well-educated and motivated staff, located in our modern offices in Central Europe with cost savings of up to 60%.

Years' experience

Territory organisations

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We provide a broad selection of available talent and expertise to meet your employee needs, with outsourcing options:

  • IT Solutions (Programming, networks, web development, cryptology, forensics & data recovery, and technical support)
  • Finance and Accounting (Accounts, credit control, data entry, payroll processing, CIS returns, HR and VAT returns, bank, supplier & customer reconciliations, and management accounts preparation)
  • Design (AutoCAD, BIM, Schucal, ReynaPro, qualified architects, graphic designers, architectural technicians, Civil engineering)
  • Administrative Business Suport (MS Office skills, document layout & drafting, document management, indexing & workflows, logistics and shipping, receptionist & PA support, web analytics, telesales, marketing, and research)

How It Works?

Send us your job description(s), and we handle the rest.

Our process involves:

  • Advertising the position
  • Receiving CVs
  • Shortlisting suitable candidates
  • Interviewing with you in person/online alongside our HR manager

No costs are incurred until you have made your decision.


Once the ideal match has been found your new staff member is ready to start working.

They will work from our office but will report directly to you.We will assist you with onboarding and, in some cases, new staff can be operational in as little as a week.

Then you grow your business with us.

• Employ suitably experienced and qualified staff with significant savings
• Excellent IT and security
• Professional HR services provided

Outsourcing Benefits and Costs

  • Qualified, educated, and experienced candidates
  • Lower costs – save 40%-60% of your current salary cost
  • Located in the centre of Europe
  • Strong western European culture
  • British-run company
  • Located in Kosovo

Through our transparent process we are able meet your employment standards and provide the ideal staff for you.



St Julian’s

Dragonara Business Centre, 5th Floor, Dragonara Road,

St Julian’s, STJ 3141, Malta



 +356 (0) 2778 0556


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