Eva Kostic

Eva is a multifaceted professional with a diverse background and passion for languages, hospitality, and administrative work. Having successfully managed her family business for five years, Eva possesses a deep understanding of management on different levels, client relations and the dynamics of running a business. Her four-year experience in the financial sector in Malta, working for two multinational Corporate Service Providers has equipped her with extensive knowledge of company secretarial and administrative functions, particularly in managing foreign clients and internal, intergroup administration. She has worked with clients in the maritime and aviation sector, as well as iGaming clients and their licensing applying practical skills in accountancy, tax, and compliance matters.

Eva’s signature has been recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malta and ID Malta, allowing her to certify documents for use in all instances, both domestically and internationally. By obtaining an apostille on top of her signature, Eva ensures the authenticity and acceptance of certified documents.