Focus on growing your business while we take care of your staffing needs.


Staff costs are significantly lower than in Western Europe or the USA with savings of between 30% to 70%, depending on skill levels and industry sector. This reflects lower wage costs in Kosovo and North Macedonia, but we prefer to pay staff well and we advise our clients accordingly. If you invest in training staff, it makes sense to benefit in the long term from their skills and ongoing experience.

No hidden cost

Our contracts are simple and transparent. We provide you with details of the employment costs, showing wages and taxes, direct overhead cost and our management charge, so you know exactly what you are paying for. No hidden costs or surprises. Companies in our sector may prefer to keep the real wages a secret so that they can apply bigger markups. We prefer open and honest relationships with our clients.

Employment standards

We work to UK employment standards but go further in our treatment of staff. Although our staff works directly for different clients, they are our colleagues too and we ensure they work in comfortable offices with heating, air conditioning, safe, friendly comfortable surroundings. Tea, coffee, water and other refreshments are provided free of charge. All our offices have a fantastic atmosphere. In addition, we arrange staff lunches, dinners, Christmas celebrations, and always provide a sympathetic and caring HR approach.


Excellent connectivity: our offices are all equipped with fast internet connections and we use Zoom, Skype, and other means of conferencing and communication. It is not just the internet that is fast; Pristina and Skopje are less than 90 minutes apart by car and both can be reached by direct flights of under three and a half hours from anywhere in Europe. It is always a pleasure to personally meet our clients and we will collect you from the airport when you arrive.

HR System

We use BreatheHR to manage all HR matters; allowing you to easily approve holidays, view contracts, and assess previous staff reviews and targets. It is cloud-based and therefore easily accessible. We can integrate with your own HR system or install BreatheHR across your company or group if you do not have an advanced HR management system.

Skilled Workforce

Candidates have strong language skills; many staff is multilingual and all are fluent in two languages, including English. The Balkan region’s work ethic is strong and we have been able to recruit people with a “can-do” attitude, always wanting to learn more. You can hire highly skilled individuals for the long term or for short term specific projects.


We are no more than three hours of flight from most cities in Europe and with modern conferencing software your staff is accessible at any time, enabling hands-on training. We recommend a weekly call as a minimum with your staff and if you have any issues or problems you want to discuss, which we may be able to help you solve, you can contact us direct. We are British and on-site, with an extensive history of working in the region.

Infrastructure and Speed

You will have neither office overhead costs nor a need to expand and move to bigger offices. We can react quickly to your staffing needs as we retain regularly refreshed databases of available staff and can often arrange staff within days; ideal for new projects where you have to move quickly. We always retain spare office space and computer equipment, and you can treat the staff in our office as your own.


You can retain good staff for the long term more easily, as moving jobs regularly is less common in the Balkans. This provides continuity and stability in your business. It is desirable to work for a British run company in this region and by paying staff well, they are unlikely to seek employment elsewhere.

Interested in our work?

If you would like to learn more about GSI and our work, or you would like to cooperate with us, send us a message anytime.