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The Impact Of Machine Translation On The Industry

The Impact of Machine Translation on the Industry


Feb, 2022

Nowadays, the development of technology has been notably influencing all businesses, including translations. One of most prominent translation techniques is the continuously modernising Machine Translation, which has been taking the translation industry by the storm. This form of translation provides a myriad of source and target languages that correspond to each-other with the help of a machine translation engine. Machine Translation is used for various purposes, including translating texts on the Internet, automatic interpretation during conversations, machine reading of text in one language to produce another targeted one for those who don’t understand the original language, and translation of spoken language.

Because of its high quality and fluency, everyone in the translation industry, including freelance linguists or agencies benefit from automatic Machine Translation. As a result, translators have been able to take on bigger amounts of work and be more productive as well. Machine translation as a service is now widely available and accessible. The translation is performed by a machine and then rechecked and validated by translators, which adds to the accuracy of the translation process regardless the type of the document. This service is most popular with those who need to translate content on the internet or in-house documents. Simultaneously, little post-editing work is required, as neural engines enable the delivering of relatively accurate work.

Machine translation can be seen as an integral part of the global business environment. It is not only an alternative to translators, but it can also be seen as a virtual assistance to them. Automated translation solutions are gradually becoming more reachable and trustworthy for both small and large businesses. Machine translation has opened up previously unexplored markets by allowing companies to expand their operations to regions, languages, and cultures that they may never have considered before.

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