Sanja Mrsic

Before joining GSI Associates, Sanja had 15 years’ experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), having had full responsibility for managing a multilingual team of over 100 staff for many years, serving major multinational clients, including Hewlett Packard.  As Head of Operations at GSI Associates, Sanja is client facing, responsible for service and product delivery across the group, leading a team of managers.  She is also responsible for the constant development of internal systems and processes for ISO accreditation and compliance, as well as implementing operational changes within GSI Associates, in line with business objectives.

Sanja holds a Master’s Degree in Economics, Diplomas in Business Administration from renowned institutions such as Cambridge (UK), Schulich (Canada) and Sheffield (Greece).  Sanja has further developed her skills through completion of a two-year Tailored Project Management coaching program focused on Service Desk and IT services.