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Connecting companies with the right people.

Connecting people with the right jobs.

Our growing database of skilled and qualified candidates allows you to find the right person for your vacancy at a considerably lower cost. Skill shortages in the UK often can lead to companies selecting ‘a square-peg for a round hole’. GSI gives you a broader selection of available talent and expertise.

Located in Europe

Balkan countries have become an outsourcing hotspot, with a skilled multilingual workforce, competitive pricing and close proximity to any European city. As a British owned and managed company, we share the same professional ethics, standards and working practices as the UK, making communication and collaboration easy.

Fast and simple process

Our streamlined process of 4 SIMPLE STEPS will ensure that you find exactly what you need. In some cases, new staff can be operational in as a little as a week!

Competitive pricing

We offer a transparent pricing structure, with visibility of all costs so that you know exactly how much you will be paying for your new staff. Cost savings are normally between 30% and 70%, depending on the industry sector and job requirement.

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