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Let GSI Handle Your Accounts Department

Let GSI Handle Your Accounts Department


Feb, 2022

All companies have a goal of growing as much as they can. However, with that growth come challenges throughout the company, some of which may require support to overcome. If one of the departments that you require support with is your accounts department, then we can lend you a hand. Our expertise allows us to offer staffing solutions that match the requirements of your business, and run your accounts department through the use of various industry specific software.

When it comes to staffing, we employ staff in our offices in Kosovo and North Macedonia. The hired staff will report to you directly, and can work in all areas of your accounts department including bank transactions and reconciliation, payroll, CIS, purchase ledger, sales ledger, and debt chasing. In a way, our accounts department can be your accounts department. For small businesses or companies that have a turnover of up to £100m, we can provide every service starting from data entry, all the way up to Chief Financial Officer. Our outsourcing services have been beneficial to many. One specific case study would be a construction company that had £35m turnover, and staff that was leaving. We provided them with an outsourced accounts department comprising a CFO, Financial Controller, and six additional staff in different locations. The results were a significant increase in credit rating, much improved cash flow, and improved relationships with bankers and third-party financial stakeholders.

To augment our work quality, we work with many types of software. When working with smaller businesses, we use cloud-based software such as QuickBooks Online, and Xero. For larger businesses, we have extensive experience and in-house knowledge when working with most software, including NavOne, Iplicit, and other, adding value to the quality objectives that were set by the client. Our experience allows for a suitable integration, and further improvement through developing different API to integrate with the software depending on customer need. We have Success stories for our work with both smaller and larger businesses, which you can find in our Success stories section.

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