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Jun 15, 2023

With the growing demand for global operations, the need for accurate and reliable translation services is also increasing. Translation facilitates communication between different countries and cultures and allows for the efficient exchange of information across international boundaries. In order to get your information across international boundaries, the translated documents need to be apostilled.

In this article, we will get familiar with apostille translation, why it is important, and the requirements for obtaining apostille translations.

Apostille translations are an important type of translation service and play an important role in international business transactions.
With the rise of globalisation, it has become necessary for companies to be able to translate documents accurately and quickly for use in other countries.
An apostille translation is a formal recognition of documents that have been translated from one language to another and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of international agreements and regulations. Apostilles are used when submitting documentation for legal recognition in another country, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates.

An apostille translation is a special type of translation that is required for certain documents to be legally recognised in countries that are part of the 1961 Hague Convention.
In order to obtain an apostille translation, you will need to have your documents translated by a qualified translator who has been accredited by the country’s government or court system.
The translator must then submit the documents to the relevant government department or court system so that they can issue an apostille certificate, which serves as proof of authenticity.
Once this process is complete, you will need to present your document with the Apostille Certificate attached in order for it to be accepted as valid in other countries.

GSI Associates offers fast, accurate, and competitively priced apostille translations that comply with Maltese regulations.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Malta, issues the apostille after our accredited translator certifies the translated document.

With our help, individuals can be confident that their documents will be accepted abroad without any issues. Furthermore, these services provide a secure and confidential way to handle sensitive documents while ensuring quality throughout the entire process.

Translation with an apostille certificate is essential for any documents that need to be accepted in foreign jurisdictions. To ensure accuracy and reliability for both parties involved in international business, it is crucial to choose the right certified translator or agency for your translation needs.
With GSI Associates, you can be stress free.
We work with linguists who have more than 10 years’ experience, allowing us to guarantee accurate and qualitative translation services, including translation, interpretation, proofreading and localisation. With GSI Associates, having your requests met has never been easier!

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