GSI Associates: Your Trusted Partner in IT & Cybersecurity

Oct 23, 2023

In today’s rapidly growing digital world, businesses constantly face challenges protecting sensitive data and maintaining IT infrastructure. The digital world is full of opportunities and threats, so IT and cybersecurity are crucial for any organisation. To manage this complex area, businesses need a trusted partner who understands IT and Cybersecurity. GSI Associates is that partner.


At GSI, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality IT and Cybersecurity solutions, using the latest technologies to bring your ideas to life. In addition, we also offer excellent customer support and maintenance services for our projects.

GSI provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, helping you establish processes and rules to safeguard your systems, data, networks and devices from cyber threats and minimise the chances of such attacks. We use strong systems and modern technology to ensure the security of your company’s data.

Here are our cybersecurity services:

  • Website Package: Website Hosting and Design, Security and Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Database Development, E-mail Setup and Management.
  • Digitalisation of the workplace: Company Digital Organisation and Chart Creating, Network and Security Consulting, Cloud Infrastructure Digitalisation, etc.
  • Security: Penetration Testing, Security Reporting, 24/7 Monitoring.
  • Consulting Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Planning and Management.
Data Protection

In recent years, there has been an increase in cyber warfare, especially targeting smaller businesses that lack proper IT security. Hence, having strong cyber security is a must in today’s world.

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Our specialised IT team secures your IT setup, protecting your company data, including finance and customer information. Moreover, we also specialise in developing cybersecurity policies and systems that comply with local laws and regulations.

Here are our data protection solutions:

  • Data protection: Email addresses, Data Recovery, IP addresses, Personal identifiable financial information.
  • Internal Systems and Cloud: Local and Cloud Backups, Malware Recovery, Ransomware Attack Prevention, etc.
  • GDPR: Lawfulness, fairness and transparency, Data minimisation, Storage limitation, Accountability.
  • Emails and Data: Credential Theft, Fraudulent Payment, Trojan Installation, Ransomware Delivery.


With an experienced team of in-house Development Operations that monitors the servers and systems 24/7/365, we guarantee that your data is always secure. When building systems for our clients, we aim to thoroughly understand their operations to grasp the complexity of the task. This enables us to foresee potential issues and design systems to prevent errors and misbehaviours.

We understand the advantages of having in-house personnel for system operation, as it enables quicker responses and more efficient functioning. We provide professional training for your staff to operate systems and safeguard data. Furthermore, GSI offers excellent training opportunities on specialised topics, and we can model a training program specifically for you in any of the following categories:

  • Website Maintenance and Update Training (Includes Data Safety and Security Training)
  • Company Security and Data Protection
  • Office IT System Training
  • Monitoring Servers and Infrastructure (Includes Security) Training
  • Networking Infrastructure Training



Our team has vast experience in web development and cybersecurity. We offer custom website designs that match your brand, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Additionally, we also offer content creation and licensed translation services to help you reach a global audience.

In terms of cybersecurity, we have got you covered. Our expertise includes protection against website viruses, WordPress handling, and comprehensive tutorials. After delivering your desired website design, we provide training in various tools like CMS, API keys, Divi Theme, and JavaScript for easy website management.

Choose us for your website-building needs and let our experienced professionals improve your online presence. Contact us today to get started!


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