GSI Associates: Your Trusted Partner in Forensic Investigations

Sep 25, 2023

Whether you are a corporation looking to protect your assets, an attorney seeking evidence for a case, or an individual facing a complex legal situation, having a trusted partner in forensic investigations is crucial. GSI Associates is one call away!

Who Are We?

GSI Associates is a British-owned consulting company based in London with offices in Kosovo, Malta, North Macedonia and Romania. Our forensic department specialises in providing advisory services on accountancy matters, forensic investigations, and due diligence. Our clients include insolvency practitioners, companies, lawyers, accountants and corporate service providers. We have worked with clients mostly from Europe but also with clients from other parts of the world. Our services include insolvent company conduct, corporate acquisitions, companies outsourcing their accounts department, regulatory investigations, litigation and internal audit.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

GSI Associates offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs:

Accounting Services

GSI has extensive experience running your accounts department using industry-specific software and offering staffing solutions matching your business requirements. Clients can both outsource and/or ask for advice on accounting practices. We cover many accounting services, starting from data entry to acting as financial controller and up to Chief Financial Officer. These services are available to small businesses who might need a part-time bookkeeper up to outsourced accounts departments for companies with turnover up to £100m.

Insolvency Process Support

Our expertise includes data recovery, accounting, statements of affairs, administration and deeper investigation when needed. Depending on requirements, we can forensically review accounts data and report. Our data analysts have experience using Excel to an advanced level as well as data mining software to extract trends and other indicators. Analysis and conclusions can be issued as formal reports for legal purposes supporting expert witness statements.

Forensic Review and Analysis

We review the financial data and report on significant trends in cases of loss of profits claims or business interruption, using regression analysis, data mining and old-fashioned experience. Our forensic services specialists use many analysis techniques and work closely with lawyers, insolvency practitioners, accountants and regulatory bodies, providing:

  • Data recovery by our cyber experts
  • Data analysis and reconstruction
  • Expert reports
  • Debt tracing and recovery
Due Diligence

We have expertise in implementing corporate due diligence processes and carrying out deeper investigations, including forensic investigations, dark web searches and open-source intelligence. Additionally, our expert team of investigators are experienced in carrying out covert DD during acquisition processes or when entering a new marketplace. A program of steps to gaining intelligence can be tailored to the specific circumstances.

Software Integration

Our expertise lies in working with various accounting software, enabling us to identify and suggest potential improvements for seamless software integrations. We offer flexible options, allowing us to either log into your systems remotely or operate on your secure server to issue accounts and other documents securely.

Moreover, we specialize in Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software, which presents an opportunity to integrate multiple aspects of your business operations. Our skilled developers can build and write APIs to facilitate seamless integration with different software platforms.

In a world where truth and justice are often vague, having a trusted partner in forensic investigations is invaluable. GSI Associates has earned its reputation as a leader in the field through its expert team, comprehensive services, commitment to ethical standards, cutting-edge technology, and global reach. Whether you are a corporation, attorney, or individual in need of investigative services, GSI Associates stands ready to be your trusted partner in uncovering the facts and providing the evidence you need to make informed decisions and seek justice.



Interested in our work?

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