Ermin Klimenta

Ermin is the Head of IT and Cyber Security at GSI Associates, having been with the company for over 4 years, and is a valued member of the Group. With a degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering, and a strong leaning towards cyber security, Ermin began his entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of a startup called Having developed an AI based software and both designed and managed complex networks, Ermin is a highly skilled individual in the IT sector, with a unique ability to interact with clients using simple terminology, with great interpersonal skills, which are rare in the IT sector. A case in point – having been told by an expert in London that data from a server drive, that had been deleted on purpose, was unrecoverable, regarding a forensic accounting investigation, Ermin restored all the deleted data, ultimately resulting in the recovery of nearly GBP 2m at the conclusion of the investigation.  Ermin is also a web developer and manages the IT team for all of GSI Associates’ business divisions.