GSI Associates

GSI Associates was established in 2013 by a group of like-minded professionals, each enjoying a successful track-record in their own right.  We share a common belief that effective consulting hinges on forming the right strategic partnerships, each specific to the solution sought, and which are developed and sized to deliver joined-up, results-focused and sustainable outcomes.

Between them, the founding members of GSI Associates are able to boast over 100 years of experience working on a broad portfolio of public and private sectors initiatives, both large and small on behalf of a wide range of clients, ranging from start-up businesses to major international corporations and donor organisations (EU, World Bank, UNDP, etc). The impetus behind the decision to establish the company was based on a shared belief in the importance of combining three essential components vital to delivering effective and sustainable results.


Any successful endeavour requires the establishment of a strategic partnership bringing together those stakeholders whose active involvement, experience and skills are vital for the success of the aims and objectives sought. GSI Associates, thanks to the breadth and depth of the networks developed and nourished by the individual partners, who now come together under its umbrella, is able to identify the right partner mix, whether at the level of the company, NGO or individual.


GSI Associates develops joined up solutions to joined-up problems, rather than working in activity silos, which tends only to produce the treatment of symptoms rather than deliver “the cure”. Solutions often involve mobilising a number of key stakeholders and ensuring their commitment and active involvement throughout the implementation period of any project or other intervention. Building hospitals without roads, training on CV preparation without a pipeline of meaningful jobs or healthcare provision in areas without clean water, are stark examples of project interventions that are devoid of a framework of joined-up thinking and key stakeholder involvement. Consequently, GSI develops a stakeholders’ matrix for all projects and ensures fluid communication and inputs by stakeholders at all stages of the project design and implementation.


Delivering sustainable solutions is closely linked to developing the requisite partnerships and constructing joined-up approaches involving key stakeholders and ensuring funding streams that continue after the consultancy intervention has ended. Sustainability is directly related to ownership, involvement and relevance. GSI Associates builds ownership among stakeholders by directly involving them in the design and delivery of all input stages and vitally ensures that final outputs and deliverables are relevant to the company, community or country they are intended to serve.