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Investment opportunities

Mergers and Acquisitions” is a recognised phrase but it covers a range of business development opportunities.  These include:

  • Acquisition of companies which might otherwise fall within your supply chain
  • Acquisition of competitors in markets which are strategically beneficial to your company
  • Venture agreements to develop new technology and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Sale of a division or the whole of your business

We are experienced in the support needed to work through an acquisition or sale process with due diligence support and monitoring of the process.

The preparation and planning phase is crucial to avoid missing opportunities and at this stage evaluating opportunities and choosing one will change the direction of your business.  We help you by asking relevant and sometimes difficult questions.  We then critically appraise the options so that you have a greater depth of insight when making your decision.

Through our extensive connections and global database access, we can source target companies for acquisition or investors for a sale.  Investors can be investment funds or strategic investors; companies in your sector for whom an acquisition gives a strategic advantage.  We offer discreet and enquiry on your behalf on a strictly confidential basis so that your company remains unknown to any other parties until potential for a deal has been established.

Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.

Warren BuffettBusiness Magnate

Financing an acquisition can broadly be through cash, debt or equity.  Issuing shares to the management team of a target acquisition as an incentive may also offer an exit option for that team after they achieve the initial goals.  Banks offer debt finance for acquisitions through specialist divisions and we are in touch with investors who have significant cash reserves for the right deal.

For businesses seeking to sell, we would recommend preparation work which, in a family owned business for example, can mean a two year strategy.  That strategy is about streamlining systems, creating robust procedures and maximising valuation for the shareholders.  This is likely to include building on know-how and intellectual property, clearly identifying the “edge” which you develop compared to your competition.