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European Business

European Business

We have extensive connections in the Balkan region, which is well placed in the centre of Europe and have office facilities in Skopje, Macedonia. There are generous incentives to setting up business in Macedonia and we can provide a good insight into the opportunities which are available, to reduce costs of services and production, as well as carry out research and development. Details of the opportunities available are on the Invest in Macedonia website www.investinmacedonia.com and we can arrange preliminary meetings with staff and ambassadors of the Macedonian investment organisation.

Need to know about Macedonia

  • Lowest taxes in Europe rated 1st in total tax rate in the World by PWC and World Bank Group Study 2015 at 7.4%: see pages 25 and 26 of this report.
  • EU & NATO candidate country.
  • Fast company registration which we can arrange for you.
  • Available, well educated and skilled workforce with good language skills.
  • Free Trade Agreements with EU, EFTA, CEFTA countries; Turkey and the Ukraine, providing access to over 650m customers.
  • Low wages costs – among the lowest in Europe and competitive with China (source: FT.com)
  • Grant funding and support for investors.

We can assist you with opening the door to lower costs in Macedonia and higher profits for your UK company.

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