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Dennis Capstick

Dennis Capstick


  • Over 25 years of general management and project management living and working in the Balkan region and Romania for the last 12 years
  • Experience in printing and publishing
  • Worked extensively with EU funded projects relating to civil society
  • Raising donor funds for projects
  • Developing and collating country intelligence
  • Currently managing and developing GSI Associates operations in the Balkan region


  • Founded, lobbied, secured funding and led two NGOs in area of Human Rights and Animal Welfare
  • Established and published a satirical magazine in Kosovo giving a humorous slant to the post-conflict, geo-political challenges present in the country which was well received.
  • Secured funding from such organisations as embassies of USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland and international donors including SOROS, National Endowment for Democracy and a number of private donors