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Cyber Security and IT

As intellectual property becomes one of the most valuable assets in many businesses, cyber security is often overlooked.  This not only opens an area of risk but if retain information about others it also open a potential breach of data protection under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

We all use multiple sources of data including web sites, servers, remote servers, email servers, and HR and accounts software.  Quotes and tenders held on your server could be very interesting to competitors and the web site alone can offer a route into your systems and generate potentially expensive risks.

Malware, viruses and spyware can be used without your knowledge allowing important information to leak out of your organisation and cyber theft is increasingly common with banking instructions appearing to come from a source which is actually fictitious.

My message for companies that think they haven’t been attacked is: “ You’re not looking hard enough.

James Snook

Our cyber audit will provide a full report on your system, whether it is compromised, potential risks and recommendations to improve security.  We are able to look at your existing infrastructure and tell you which parts of the network are most vulnerable to certain types of attacks and protect you from those threats. We can also establish already existing attackers and give you a detailed report from where and which systems they are using to attack your business.

“Prevention is better than cure” has never been quite so important.  Breaches of security can cause huge damage, sometimes with uninsured risks, so ensuring your systems are secure is a fundamental area of risk mitigation.  We can assist with disaster recovery plans embracing a set of processes agreed in advance, in the event of a loss of data or a data breach.