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Our team of trusted advisors and associates assist our clients with innovative thinking based on experience and know-how developed over many years.  We help to streamline operations, enhance efficiency and build value.

Technology is at the forefront of making companies more efficient, more competitive and therefore more profitable.  Research and development has never been more important and enhanced company valuations are achieved more and more through technology based solutions and processes.

Investors want to buy into Intellectual Property and know-how which can deliver sustainable results into the future and mitigate business risk.  This is an essential component of any corporate business strategy.  Wealthy Asian companies and investors often want European technology and know-how, as well as proven track record, more than access to European sales markets.

Risk assessment and management is at the core of protecting the business you are building.  Cyber security is increasingly important and strong security, particularly where there is intellectual property, is essential to maximise competitive edge and business valuation.

To build a great business, you have to find great partners, because you can’t do it all.

Robert HerjavecCanadian-Croatian businessman

We help our clients by:

Identifying the key areas where human resources and technology can be leveraged to create value

Advising on corporate structure to achieve good governance and organisational chains of responsibility and accountability through direct staff, subcontractors and supply chainss

Reducing costs through overseas procurement and identifying low costs centres

Tailoring outsourced services to speed up returns on investment and reduce costs

Reviewing IT and cyber security to identify weaknesses and recommend solutions, which our specialists can implement.

Helping with buying and selling businesses and business restructuring for improved performance or in turnaround situations

Connecting our clients with potential customers, agencies and other businesses